Yamato Scientific DKN Series Forced Convection Ovens – Product Spotlight

With class-leading value for money, the DKN Series Forced Convection Oven is a quality product the best seller in Yamato Scientific’s catalogue.

This oven’s popularity is due to its superior design, material quality used in its construction, reliable performance, and ease of use, all whilst not breaking your budget. With very competitive pricing compared to other leading brands, it is easy to see why this range is so popular in laboratories all over the world.

Whether you are drying glassware or require precision in programmed cycles, this unit does it all.

Let’s get technical…

Features include a PID controller with capacity to hold 3 programs of 30 steps, along with quick start/stop or Auto start/stop functions.

These units include improved safety features*, as well as self-diagnostics, over-heating prevention, and calibration off-set, along with other auxiliary functions.

Ranging from ambient +10 to a maximum of 260** degree Celsius operating temperature, which only takes 90 minutes to reach. This means you don’t waste excessive time waiting for operational readiness.

With a melamine finish on the outside cold rolled steel, and stainless interiors ranging across 5 model sizes from 27 to 535L, these units are ready for virtually all applications you will require.

The DKN Series also boasts integrated exhausts and they are easy to maintain and operate.

(* Safety features include Self-diagnosis functions (Temperature sensor abnormal, Heater disconnection, SSR-short) Automatic overheating prevention, Electric leakage breaker with over  current protection, Keylock function)

(** Units in the DN and DF ranges can reach temperatures of 360 and 300 degrees Celsius, so if your application requires this, please indicate it to us. We are happy to determine the ideal solution for you.)

Why this matters to you

Ease of use means that this device is quick to set up, time lost to training operators is minimal, and operation is fool-proof and more likely to be error-free.

The additional safety measures also protect your staff, facility, and oven contents from unavoidable errors or instrument failures. This means you can have peace of mind and can maximize your efficiency in the lab by not having to triple check for problems or dangers.

The class-leading value for money also ensures that you can get the most out of your budget. In a time where the entire world has had to re-evaluate how it values science and scientific investment, get ahead of the curve. Start considering maximum value for money as you upgrade or extend your existing lab, or start a project in a new space.

Model list for Forced Convection Ovens

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