General Lab Equipment


Spray Dryers

Bottle Top Dispensers


Freeze Dryers


Water Purifiers

Constant Temperature Baths

Cooling Water Circulators

Rotary Evaporators

Cold Trap, Immersion Cooler,

Homogenizer, Mixers, Shakers

Stirrer, Hot Plate,

Laboratory Washers

Liquid Handling:

Pipettes & Bottle Top Dispensers

Laboratory Animal Care

Animal cages

IVC systems


Physiology Equipment



Organ Baths

Analgesia meter

Surgical Equipment

Vogel Test Apparatus

Rotarod apparatus

Teaching kits for:

  • Human Physiology
  • Animal Physiology
  • Psychological Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Neurobiology
  • Neurobiology
  • Behavioral Marketing
  • Biomedical Engineering

Research systems for:

  • SRS-100 Stimulus-Response System
  • RS-EMGx EMG System
  • RS-IBPFOx Fiber Optic Catheter, BP System
  • IX-ECG-SA: Small Animal ECG System
  • RS-IBPSCx Solid State Catheter, BP System
  • iWire-BIO4-SA: Small Animal ECG/EMG add-on
  • RS-IBPFOx-RA Expandable Fiber Optic Catheter, BP System
  • ROAM Wireless ECG & Respiration
  • ROAM Wireless ECG, Resp & Acceleration
  • Roam Wireless 2 Ch EMG/ECG
  • Roam Wireless 1 Ch EMG/ECG & Acceleration
  • Roam Wireless 2 Ch EMG/ECG with Acceleration
  • RS-WEMGx Wireless EMG System
  • IX-VentTester: Ventilator Validation And Testing
  • IX-BIO4-SA Small Animal ECG/EMG System
  • IX-BIO8-SA: Small Animal ECG/EMG System
  • IX-ECG12-SA: Small Animal ECG System
  • IX-BIO4-LA Large Animal ECG/EMG System
  • RS-ECG12-LA: Large Animal 12-Lead ECG System
  • RS-IBP4: 4 Channel Invasive BP system

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