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Physiology is a multidisciplinary scientific area of study that is instrumental for education in health sciences and agriculture. Due to the nature of this subject, and it’s incorporation of multiple knowledge areas including mathematics, physics, anatomy, chemistry, biochemistry, etc., the best way to teach Physiology is to engage students in practical experiments.

Not only is the education of our health or agriculture professionals critical to them bringing maximum value to their respective fields and reaching personal success as a result, but there is also no research possible in these fields without the equipment and service providers that manufacture and supply the special equipment and support that this possible.

The teaching kits:

iWorx offers a range of tailored solutions for teaching, in convenient kits, focused on human physiology, animal physiology, combinations of the two, and special applications including (but not limited to):

  • Exercise physiology
  • Psychophysiology
  • Excised tissue experiments for muscles and nerves
  • Respiratory experiments

To make the physiology and its interconnected elements something more tangible and visceral and clear up some of the abstract content in courses, there is no better way than have the students actually see it work in action. Whether you are tracking the wave of conduction through an isolated nerve in millivolt or measuring the change in load produced by a fatiguing muscle, there is unparalleled value in students seeing it happen in real time.

EMG Measurement Experiment

Detailed instructions for over 59 experiments and 173 exercises are provided in the iWorx Physiology Laboratory Manual.

In teaching medicine or nursing students, there is also the extra benefit of having experiments early in their studies that expose them to collaborative team work and handling live subjects in the experiments they do, for instance by connecting ECG leads on a volunteer.

Ultimate Animal and Human Teaching Kit

The research kits:

Spirometry and Metabolic Experiment

iWorx offers a broad range of multi-channel recording systems, signal conditioners, transducers and accessories suited to tissue bath studies, hemodynamic studies, and cardiac electrophysiology. High performance recording instrumentation and software accelerate routine analyses while powerful scripting routines improve the most sophisticated research. Versatile LabScribe software saves hours in data extraction time.

With front end and software solutions that support research with rodents, canines, invertebrates, fish, sheep and pigs, the potential is tremendous.

Applications supported include Cardiac, Muscle, Metabolic, Physiological, Behaviour, Isolated Organ and Tissues physiology, and electroretinography studies.

LabScribe Analytical Software

 Check out the published references for these systems here:

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Our years of experience in configuring teaching solutions for physiology, as well as installation training and troubleshooting in both research as teaching laboratories will serve you to maximise the efficacy of your teaching time, and the fidelity of your research and analysis.

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